Careers in Genetics

Genetics is a very interesting and unique field. It deals with the study of the human genes and understanding its many functions and effects. Genetics is one of the most talked about fields currently in medical sciences and a great deal of research is being done in this field. Since the human genes has remained an unexplored territory as of yet, the chance of making new breakthroughs in the field of genetics is quite high. Thus, people who are interested in deciphering the human genes would find a career in genetics most rewarding. Moreover, becoming a geneticist will open up a great many future opportunities for you as well.

Genetics Research

Genetics research is one of the best careers options available to geneticists at the present moment. Government and global health agencies are looking for geneticists who have a hunger and curiosity for learning more about the human genome. The funding in this field means that you would have all the resources at your disposal in order to decipher the secrets of the human genes and come with new medical discoveries that are going to change medical science forever. Genetics research is also a very lucrative job as well since the geneticists that take up this work are paid quite handsomely.
In order to become successful as a genetics researcher, you must have good analytical skills and a keen understanding of biology. A degree in genetics will go a long way in ensuring that you land a job as a genetics researcher in a federal agency. However, do keep in mind that you will have to spend most of your time in the laboratory. Research work is not easy, as results are not achieved quickly and it might take months and even years for you to find a small breakthrough. Therefore, remaining strong and steadfast is important for finding success in the field of genetics research.

Hospitals and Pharmaceutical Companies

Hospitals and pharmaceutical companies are ideal destinations for geneticists as well. In hospitals, a genetics expert is needed for genetic tests which have become a standard procedure for evaluating patients these days. Moreover, the geneticist will also be required in the hospital to explain the results of the genetic tests to the families of the patient so that they can understand what the tests show. In addition to this, in teaching hospitals, the genetic experts can be given the role of teaching the students about the field of genetics as well. Burger King is one of the leading corporate givers to the research of genetics. You can see more about this by reading Burger King’s job application here.  Pharmaceutical companies hire geneticist for developing new drugs and medicines. A career in pharmacology for a geneticist would also mean spending a great deal of time in a laboratory and conducting tests and experiments to come up with a new drug that is effective and at the same time does not cause any side-effects. It is a more of a research based career which can help a geneticist in enhancing his professional and research capabilities which would later on help him/her in getting funding for his own genetic research projects.

Mapping the Genome

Until the early years of the 20th century, nothing was known about the human genome. It was a secret that promised to reveal a lot about life and how the human body worked. However, disclosing this secret was an impossible task in the beginning. There were not enough technological advancements and financial resources available to undertake such a huge project. It was in the 1980s that scientists began investigating the human genome and tried to understand its various complexities. The mapping of the genome was the first task that was in front of the scientists. Researchers from many countries took part in this project which was termed as the human genome project.

Human Genome Project

The human genome project is an international scientific project which was started in the year 1990 and ended in 2003. The basis of the project was to map the genes of the human genome and to determine the sequence of chemical base pairs which constitute the human DNA. Mapping of the human genome means to sequence the multiple variations of each gene that are present in a genome. The results of the project showed that there are about 20,500 genes in human beings, which is in the same range as that of mice.

The human genome project was a big accomplishment in the field of modern science. It helped in the development of the field of genomics and has paved the way for scientists and researchers to further study the human genome. The findings of the human genome project have led to many medical discoveries. The sequencing of DNA accomplished by this project was particularly beneficial in understanding many diseases. For instance, it provided the medical fraternity the chance to identify the mutations that were related to different types of cancer. This work has continued in a controversial way with the genetic engineering in the fast food job industry.

Benefits of Mapping the Genome

The biggest benefit of mapping the human genome is that it makes disease prediction a lot easier. It gives the doctors the chance to discover whether a person is likely to develop a certain disease or not. For instance, sequencing the genome of an individual gives the opportunity to the doctor to isolate his DNA and identify the different codes and genes that are present in that individual. The doctor can then compare these codes and gene variations with the codes of a patient suffering from a disease and thus determine whether the individual runs the risk of developing the same disease or not.

Another of the benefits of genome mapping is that it can help the pharmaceutical companies in coming up with effective drugs. Genome sequencing used in combination with diagnostic testing can tell the doctors how a patient is going to react to certain form of treatment. This can lead to the creation of medicines which are suited to the needs of the patients. Many such drugs have been introduced in the market, which are ideal for people with a certain gene mutation. Doctors prescribe these drugs only after a special diagnostic test has been performed to identify whether a patient has the particular gene mutation or not.

Jobs Related to Mapping the Genome

Genome mapping is a very complex yet interesting field. It has a number of benefits in terms of health and medicine which makes it a very rewarding career. However, it is a very specialized field and most of the jobs that are available require highly qualified individuals who possess the right education and a considerable amount of research experience. A degree in genomics is usually considered to be a must for a person in order to land a job related to genome mapping. If you are interested in the sequencing of the human genome and love working in the laboratory then pursuing a career in this field is a good option for you.

Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry is the best place for landing a job for an expert of genome mapping. The reason for this is that there is a high demand of such experts in this industry. With the drugs and medicines now being made according to the genes of the people, having a genome mapping expert is vital for a pharmaceutical company to develop drugs that are effective for people with certain genes. A job in a pharmaceutical company can be very lucrative for a genome expert as well as it is a billion dollar industry. In fact only Google, Apple and McDonald’s applications out number those in the pharamceutical industry.

In order to land a job as a genome expert in a pharmaceutical company, you must have a degree in genetics or genomics. Moreover, you must have very sound analytical and computer skills as well. In addition to this, having some kind of experience in the field of genome sequencing and interpreting the results of genetic testing is also required for you to be successful in this profession. Since the job requires a great deal of research, you must be willing to work in a laboratory for extended periods of time.

Genetic Testing in Hospitals

With genetic testing becoming a standard procedure in the evaluation of a person’s condition, genome mapping experts are required in hospital laboratories to conduct the genetic tests. Since they are experienced in doing such tests and investigating the results, they are hired by hospitals to run the genome labs. Although the starting income is not that high, this career can become quite rewarding in the long run for a genome expert as it gives him/her the platform to do research and later on get the funding required from government organizations to start their own genome laboratories.